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How To Relax Naturally: Taste The Tea Estates With These Daily Rituals.

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How To Relax Naturally: Taste The Tea Estates With These Daily Rituals.

Winding down sounds easy in principle, but depending on the day you’ve had, it might just be more complicated than it sounds. So we’re here to give you a good reminder that rituals and relaxation go together like a luxurious loose-leaf tea blend and your favorite mug. 

There is a reason Buddhist Monks have rich ancient rituals of drinking teas for digestion, medicinal food, and of course, to guide them in meditation practices. The latter used tea as an aid to stay alert while meditating, while the functional qualities of tea helped with relaxation. 

How Does Tea Work As A Relaxation Ritual

Science now supports these ancient rituals and has been shown to work mood-altering magic on decreasing stress, anxiety, and fatigue. So what is it about tea that can make us feel relaxed and reinvigorated at the same time? Researchers have found that tea reduces cortisol levels, a hormone that is a key trigger for stress. This is likely due to the large amounts of “tea catechins” or antioxidants that make up to 42% of the dry weight of green teas.

It is perhaps the intersection of the way tea can both make us alert and focused and relaxed at the same time where tea shows its real mystical magic. 

Five Ways To Relax Naturally With Tea 

We have broken down five ways to relax naturally and paired each with a complimentary tea blend. A ritual pairing that will both relax and renew. 


Meditation is not just for Buddhist monks; it’s a scientifically shown ritual to reduce stress levels and manage anxiety. Sitting in silence and taking rhymic deep breaths can help to calm the mind and create a deep state of relaxation. 

Tea Pairing: Before meditating, set the mood of tranquility with a cup of Turmeric Time Out. Turmeric has been scientifically shown to boost serotonin and dopamine levels, two natural biochemicals that can relieve depression, anxiety, and stress. 


Writing is a highly recommended stress management tool. The pen and paper offer a great way to release emotions, which in turn can clear your heart and mind to take on the next day. In addition, scientific studies have shown that people who journal regularly are better equipped to release negative thoughts and emotions throughout the day, lessening overall stress. 

Your optimal journaling time may be just when the sun is rising or perhaps before you go to bed. Either way, a cup of tea can help create a relaxing ambiance and center your mind as you sip away your stresses. 

Tea Pairing: Before winding down at night, grab your journal and prepare a cup of Valarian Dream. This functional combination of valerian root and chamomile will sync your mind and sleep. 

Spend Some Time Outdoors

Spending time outside is crucial to our mental and physical health. Whether it’s a dreamy beach location or your backyard garden, a physical connection with nature has produced a calming effect. Adding outside time on your porch or working in your garden after a long work day can be the perfect ritual to recenter yourself. 

Tea Pairing: Before kicking off a busy day, grab a cup of invigorating Astounding Ashwagandha. This cup combines the adaptogenic nature of Ashwangda root to tackle stress, while ginger gives the zip you need to start the day. 

Disconnect From Technology

Our addiction to technology has created a lifestyle where it can be difficult to shut down and create a peaceful mental state. While taking a full-on technology sabbatical in real life may not be possible, committing to not blocking out periods of no technology every day is a great wellness ritual that everyone should incorporate. Consider not reaching for your phone first thing in the morning and meditating instead. At night shut down your phone and computer an hour before bed to help clear your head and trigger a restful body wind down. 

Tea Pairing: A Chamomile-based tea, like Minty Mile offers the perfect relaxation ritual to replace technology before your day starts or before your head hits the pillow at the end of the night. 

Watch The Sunrise

We need to make sunrises a ritual again! Too often we rush off into our day and the sunrise is just a backdrop, when in fact watching the sun come up above the horizon is the perfect meditation tool. As it slowly shows itself, you’ll find yourself automatically going into deep rhythmic breathing and your mind has left your email inbox and is now appreciating the wonders of nature. 

Tea Pairing: Start your day off with a functional boost of African Rose tea. Not only does the hibiscus and rose in this botanical blend come with an antioxidant boost, but it also gently encourages your metabolism, getting your mind and body ready to take on the day. 

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