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Unveiling the Ethereal Beauty of Himalayan Tea Estates- Luxmi Estates

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Unveiling the Ethereal Beauty of Himalayan Tea Estates- Luxmi Estates

Nestled amidst the pristine ranges of the Himalayas and extending to the verdant plains of Assam and the highlands of Rwanda, the Luxmi Estates embodies a legacy of exquisite tea blends. Each estate under its realm is a tapestry of unique terroirs, rich histories, and a commitment to wellness and quality.

Darjeeling’s Makaibari Estate: A Pioneer of Biodynamic Tea Cultivation Makaibari, located in the celestial abode of Darjeeling, is more than just a tea estate. It's a realm where nature and humans orchestrate a symphony that brews the best Darjeeling tea. The estate, with its organic and biodynamic practices, not only produces teas that are a wellness elixir but also sets a precedent in sustainable tea cultivation.

Assam’s Heritage Estates: Moran and Sepon: Stepping into Assam, the Moran and Sepon estates, part of the Moran circle, stand as stalwarts of tradition. With Moran being a Rainforest Alliance-certified garden, and Sepon known for its quality clones, the essence of Assam with its bold, Assam black tea finds a perfect expression here.

Other tea estates in the south bank region of Assam include Attabarie, Lepetkatta, Dirai and Kendguri.

 The North Bank Marvels: Addabarie and Shyamguri: Flanking the north of Brahmaputra, Addabarie and Shyamguri estates are where the wild, unyielding nature of Assam meets the refined art of tea-making. Addabarie, with its high-grade tea, and Shyamguri, with its full-bodied CTC tea, offer a sip of Assam’s pristine wilderness.

Other tea estates in the north bank region of Assam include Narayanpur, Monmohinipur and Mano bag.

Rwanda’s Gisovu Estate: Crossing over to the heart of Africa, Gisovu Estate in Rwanda is where tea plants thrive in a unique blend of high altitude and volcanic soil. The estate, with its breathtaking scenery, crafts teas that are as exotic and refreshing as the land they hail from.

Other tea estates in Rwanda include Pfunda and Rugabano.

Luxmi Estates, with its emphasis on wellness, resonates with the ethos of Makaibari. The tradition, the purity, and the wellness-centric approach foster a narrative that transcends beyond the realms of ordinary tea estates. As every sip of Luxmi's tea offers a taste of Himalayan serenity, it's not just about relishing a cup of tea; it’s about experiencing a legacy.

Unveiling the Ethereal Beauty of Himalayan Tea Estates- Luxmi Estates

The Himalayan Tea Estates, with their ethereal beauty and time-honored traditions, offer not just a cup of tea, but a sip of the Himalayan legacy, enriched with wellness and purity. Through the lens of Luxmi Estates, the tale of Makaibari is a beautiful rendezvous between the past, the present, and the promise of an organically healthy future.


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