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Why Tea-Based Cocktails Are The New Friday Night Happy Hour

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Why Tea-Based Cocktails Are The New Friday Night Happy Hour

Every year sees a new wave of cocktail trends from reenvisioned retro drinks and a boom in ultra-premium tequila estate stories. Every trending cocktail list in 2022 had an entry for the “clean” or low alcohol version of the classics as well as plant-based additions. So, can tea be the magical unicorn ingredient that gets us buzzed at cocktail hour?

It might not have been what the Buddhist Monks or ancient tea masters of India had in mind. Still, tea-based cocktails bring an earthy sophistication to Friday nights all over your city, and we aren’t talking about the perennial hangover maker, the Long Island Iced Tea. Instead, we’re speaking of the classy single estate tea variety that elevates the drinker's experience. 

The Alchemist Magazine tells us about cocktail trends: 

“The desire to explore and discover is more prevalent than ever,” says Jones. “That means underexplored spirits and less-familiar cocktail designs are getting the chance to be experienced again—or for the first time.”

Not only do teas come in a wide array of flavor profiles, but they also have some incredible medicinal qualities that can help you escape the dreaded Saturday morning hangover. 

Why Tea Makes A Great Cocktail Ingredient

For many reasons, tea makes a great cocktail ingredient, and we will plead our case for the tea-based cocktail below.

An Abundance of Flavor Profiles

From the vegetal green tea to the bold and malty black teas, there is a flavor profile to pair with any liquor or spirit. 

Tea Makes A Complimentary Base

Tea is a team player that doesn’t overpower any other ingredient. It works well with almost any liquor while adding but not overpowering the cocktail's flavor profile. 

Teas Make A Great Talking Point

Whether at a luxurious cocktail bar or a private dinner party, tea is an exciting ingredient sure to stir up conversation and a renewed appreciation for this versatile cocktail. 

Hangover Helper

Perhaps one of its most significant selling points, teas are a natural diuretic that helps your body process and eliminates alcohol more rapidly. This means it has less time in your system to cause digestive unrest, headaches, or the lethargy associated with a next-day hangover! 

Tea-Based Cocktail Inspiration

Tea mixology is where the tea sommelier and the bartender diverge. Where over steeping is the ultimate sin of usual brewing practices, in mixology, this can create interestingly bold, tannic, and roasted flavor profiles. 

Cocktails featuring tea have been so big this past year that major spirit companies have released their own favorite takes on this new trend. 

Tea-focused cocktail menus are easy to curate when you know your tea flavor profiles. We’ve broken down some inspiration for tea mixology below by different tea types and each spirit company's recipe to take your tea cocktail making to the next level.


Earl Grey Tea Cocktails

Tea: Assam Earl Grey 

Liquor or Spirit: Infused Vodka or Gin

Try: Craft Gin Club’s Earl Grey Martini

With its moody bergamot and sometimes grapefruit citrus notes, as well as its rich Assam black tea base, Earl Grey makes a great martini addition. It is floral meets infused gin in a classy glass. 

Black Tea Cocktails

Tea: Assam Black, English Breakfast 

Liquor or Spirit: Malt Whiskey, Scotch, or Aged Rum

Try: St George Spirits Tee Time High Ball 

Black tea makes a bold and distinctive cocktail and is best intermingled with smokey liquor. 

Chai Spiced Tea Cocktail

Tea: Masala Chai 

Liquor or Spirit: Chipotle Tequila

Try: Tanteo Tequila’s Chai Spiced Chipotle Cocktail 

Chai spiced teas are highly versatile in a cocktail format and add instant interest to any creation. The warm masala spices can transform an otherwise single-note cocktail into an exotic new drink.

Green Tea Cocktail

Tea: Single Estate Organic Darjeeling Green Tea

Liquor or Spirit: Whiskey

Try: Johnny Walker’s Green Tea Highball

 Green teas make a great way to add subtle interest to a high ball or vodka-based drink. Adding mint, pineapple, or lemongrass garnishes can help layer the flavors and create a stand-out cocktail. 

Photo by Massimo Rinaldi on Unsplash

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