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What exactly is Ashwagandha and Why is it so popular?

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What exactly is Ashwagandha and Why is it so popular?

Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub that grows in India, the middle east, and some parts of Africa. In India Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh are majorly ashwagandha cultivation areas. Madhya Pradesh in India alone cultivates 5000 hectares of ashwagandha. It's also found in Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, and Yemen.

To cultivate ashwagandha it requires dry stony soil with sun to partial shade. It's grown from seeds in early spring to greenwood cutting in late spring.

Ashwagandha’s effect doesn’t start immediately after you consume it. 

You need to make it a part of your daily rituals. 

Consuming approx. 30mg to 1000mg daily will start showing results. One needs to consume it for 4 to 12 weeks consistently to observe its effects. 

There are factors that contribute to the amount of time it takes to start showing results. How regularly one is consuming it, what is the dosage, and finally the quality of the ashwagandha that you consume. Ashwagandha can be consumed in powder form, capsule, and also topical creams that can be applied on the skin. In about 4 weeks' time, you can observe the improvement in your energy and focus level, your sleep quality, and your body’s ability to handle stress and anxiety and this is how you can know that ashwagandha is working for you.

Ashwagandha : Less Stress, Better Sleep 

Consuming ashwagandha before sleeping helps to have better sleep. People who suffer from insomnia are largely benefited by ashwagandha. It helps you fall asleep faster, have longer sleep time, and have a better quality of sleep. Ashwagandha is a natural adaptogen that helps to control stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and restore balance in the body. This ultimately helps you sleep, have a longer sleep duration, and have a better quality of sleep.

Ashwagandha, when consumed at night, helps to calm your body and nervous system. This helps your body and mind to relax. It effect depends on how much you are consuming, the quality of the herb, and for how long you have been taking it. Ashwagandha slowly and gradually starts showing results. If taken consistently you will see results more clearly.

Always remember to take ashwagandha in moderate quantities. If you are a first-timer start with a dosage of 150mg. For regular users, dosage of up to 600mg is good. Studies show that ashwagandha can be consumed regularly from 30mg to 1000mg. Ashwagandha can be regularly taken and there are no serious side effects. In some cases, medical professionals advise taking a break for a couple of weeks after 8-12 weeks of consumption.

As ashwagandha can have a sedative kind of effect, it is advisable not to consume alcohol with it. Apart from this when you consume any Ayurvedic medication it is a must that you avoid alcohol as it can dehydrate your body and won’t allow the herb to benefit you.

 Few ways to consume Ashwagandha:

  1.     Ashwagandha root powder: Ashwagandha is mainly consumed in powder form. You can consume it by mixing it with ghee, honey, water, or milk. It is recommended to consume ashwagandha powder in the morning for better results. Helps you to get mental clarity and focus better.
  2.     Ashwagandha Capsules: You can consume ashwagandha capsules with water or milk. These capsules are best taken at bedtime. Overnight they get dissolved in the body and well absorbed. They help you sleep better.
  3.     Ashwagandha Tea: You can have ashwagandha tea. You can steep some Ashwagandha roots in water and then consume the tea. You can add honey as a natural sweetener. Ashwagandha tea is available in the market and it can be brewed and you can have it daily.


From improving sleep quality to increasing mental focus and memory to increasing muscle power and stamina to reducing anxiety and stress, ashwagandha can cure lots of physical and neurological alignments. It has almost no side effects if taken in moderate amounts daily. So select your favorite way to have this magical herb and make it a part of your daily wellness rituals.

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