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Why is ginger good for your gut?

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Why is ginger good for your gut?

Why is ginger good for your gut?

Today’s fast-paced, busy, and hectic lifestyle has an adverse effect on our gut health. Irregular eating habits, junk food, and too much stress put our gut health at risk. A lot has been written and spoken about gut health and various remedies to improve our gut health. There are some superfoods, and magical roots that can easily take care of our gut health.  Ginger is the magical root that can improve our gut health and keep us healthy.

What is Ginger and what does it do?

Ginger is a root and it is widely used as a spice and as herbal medicine. Ginger has a natural component called gingerol, that improves our gastrointestinal motility by increasing the speed at which our food gets digested in the stomach. There are numerous benefits to consuming ginger regularly and the most convenient way is to have a cup of soothing ginger tea.

  1.     Calming the digestive system: Ginger contains a natural component gingerol, that helps to digest the food at a faster pace reducing the time the food remains in the stomach. This also helps to keep the digestive system calm and healthy. Consuming ginger tea regularly can eliminate problems like indigestion, bloating, and gas.
  2.     Antidote for digestive issues: Ginger when consumed in combination with turmeric can work as an antidote for several digestive issues. Diarrhea, nausea, stomach upset, and even motion sickness. Both ginger and turmeric fight indigestion by clearing the gut and ensuring that the movement of food is smooth through the digestive system.
  3.     Increasing digestive motility: Ginger stimulates the stomach muscles and turmeric with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties helps to regulate daily bowel movements. It helps to minimize the risk of gastrointestinal infection and bacterial infection. A cup of ginger turmeric tea helps better digestion and better gut health.
  4.     Reducing Inflammation: Chronic inflammation causes acute gastrointestinal disorders. Ginger and turmeric both help in reducing inflammation and their anti-bacterial properties helps to get rid of bacterial infections. Ginger and turmeric help to get relief from diseases like Inflammatory bowel syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome.
  5.     Promotes overall Wellness: Ginger and turmeric both help to keep your gut health at its best by eliminating any kind of fungal, bacterial, or inflammatory issues. By improving your gut health, the powerful duo helps you to get healthy skin and hair. When your gut health is well, you feel much more active, full of energy, and have better emotional well-being.

Turmeric has curcumin which helps to increase dopamine which has an anti-depressant effect and Gingerol from ginger helps to get rid of stress. The combination of these two spices can ensure overall wellness and physical and mental well-being.

The benefits of turmeric and benefits of ginger are numerous and sipping a cup of ginger turmeric tea gives you a healthy gut and complete fitness. From weight loss to fighting cancer, the health benefits of ginger and turmeric are countless. So, make ginger turmeric tea a part of your daily ritual and achieve a healthy gut and a healthy life.



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